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    The standard 31 x 25 x 20 cm bag – a perfect for your everyday shopping needs. Easy to use and maintain.

    Bag Size:- 31 x 25 x 20 cm
    Colour:- Natural without printing
    Material:- 13 x 13 Jute with PP lamination
    Extra:- 2 barcode stickers per each PE inner bag, 1 barcode sticker on both side mark,the string should be in coffee colour,to tie a knob before stitching in.

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Jute, Canvas, Cotton and Fashion Bags

Jute, cotton and canvas bags are the most versatile fibers in textile packaging being annually renewable and bio-degradable. Unlike NON-WOVEN bags it is 100% bio degradable. Jute is known as the golden fiber due to its uniqueness and use. Cotton and Canvas on the other hand are widely used in the clothing and apparel industry due to its durability and usage. And most importantly by its usage you are contributing to the environment by helping it keep green.